The Kill Order by James Dashner

The Kill Order is a prequel to the Maze Runner series.


Mark and Trina have survived the Flares that ravaged the planet. With the help of an old soldier Alec and an Army nurse, Lana, Mark, Trina, and their new friends have managed to survive the last year. They’ve settled into a peaceful existence in the mountains outside Ashville. Life is rough, but they are happy to have each other. Everything changes when their village is attacked by a Berg carrying men in bio-hazard suits that shoot darts at their fellow villagers. Mark and Alec become determined to get to the bottom of who would attack them and why. However, their friends soon get sick and die horrible deaths. Their team sets out to get answers, but it’s only a matter of time before they too get sick with this mysterious disease. Who would purposefully release a deadly virus? When Mark and Alec find a little girl who has been shot with a dart but never got sick, they group knows she’s special. They have to find out who did this, and get the girl to someone that can hopefully stop the spread of the virus. Standing between them is a horde of infected people, and it’s only a matter of time before they too loose their minds to the virus.

This book told they tale of what happened immediately after the Sun Flares ravaged the planet and how people survived. It then transitions into how and why the world wide pandemic known as The Flare started. It is full of action and adventure like the books in the main trilogy, and a bit of mystery. However, I didn’t like it as much. Maybe it was the characters, or maybe it was the story. I don’t know. The characters in The Maze Runner always take a pounding, but the characters here seemed to take an unbelievable amount of getting their asses kicked and never broke a bone or showed more than bruises. The amount of times Mark is beat up by Cranks or smashed into things without actually getting hurt, was more than a bit of a stretch to me.

I give this one Three and half Lightsabers.


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