Movie Trailer Monday: Beauty and the Beast and Before I Fall

OK, everyone, bear with me a little while longer as I participate in NanNoWriMo. I hit 8,074 words yesterday. I’m aiming for 10K by the end of the month instead of the full 50K, then I’ll get some reviews and Fandom Quotes out.

First up today we have the highly anticipated trailer for Beauty and the Beast staring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Ewen McGreggor, Ian McKellan, Emma Thompson, Luke Evans, and Kevin Kline. If you’re a Fangirl like me you should recognize most of those names. This movie has an all star cast, look epicly awesome, and I can’t wait to see it. Beauty and the Beast was the first movie I saw in theaters, so this will be a special one for me, and it come out just after my birthday.

Next up we have Before I Fall, based on the book by Lauren Oliver. I’m not that familiar with this one, but it centered on a teenage girl who dies and then ends up repeating her last day alive seven times. It stars Zoey Deutch from Vampire Academy.


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