Fandom Quote Friday: Days of Blood and Starlight and Dreams of Gods and Monsters

This one is a two for. I haven’t done this since the first few FQF posts I did, I like to keep each book separate, but for timings sake, I’m making an exception. I want the quotes and review in the same week if possible.

First up, Days of Blood and Starlight.

Her soul remained, but because of Akiva, the resurrectionist was dead. In one of those darker moments, the irony started him laughing and he couldn’t stop, and the sounds that came from him, before finally tapering to sobs, were so far from mirth they might have been the forced inversion of laughter – like a soul pulled inside out to reveal its rawest meat.

~ Akiva

“Please. If you ever did ask me to marry you, don’t even think I would identify myself as some addendum of you, like an old lady signing her rent check with perfect penmanship as Mrs. Husband Name_”

~ Zuze

He looked at her. She thought he might urge her to go, but he didn’t. Maybe he just knew it wouldn’t matter, that there was no safety, but maybe…maybe he liked not being alone. He as, after all, just a boy.

~ Sveva on Rath

When the figures crested the tree line, Sveva almost couldn’t believe it. If she hadn’t seen them before, she would have been as afraid of them as she was of the angels. They were much scarier than angels.

They were revenants.

~ Sveva

“There lives are not a luxury. These are my friends, and I trust them.”

“Of course,” he said smiling, the perfect gentlemen. “That changes everything.” He nodded to Mik and Zuzana and even welcomed them, but his smile, it was just wrong. Like he’d learned it from a book.

~ Karou and Thiago

“Who was that?” Zuzana whispered as Karou led her and Mik out of the big courtyard where the monsters were gathered. “The other white meat?”

~ Zuze on Thiago

“Okay then.” Karou pushed open the door. “Come in and I’ll tell you.” Innocently, as they moved past her she added. “Oh, and don’t trip over the body on the floor.”

~ Karou

“Teach you? I didn’t bring you here -” But Zuzana wasn’t listening.

“This is so much better than puppetry. Holy hell, Karou. You’re making living things. You’re freaking Frankenstein!

~ Karou and Zuze

Their world was a storm of misery and they were caught in its center, in the deceptive stillness that had allowed them to forget, once upon a time, that all around them was a stinging whirl of hatred that would catch them – it was everywhere and everything and they’d been fools to think they could leave their small safe place and not be caught in that vortex like every other living creature in Eretz.

Next up, Dreams of Gods and Monsters.

“The future is shadowed, and i can promise you nothing beyond this: We will fight for our world to the last echo of our souls, and if we are very strong and very lucky and very smart, we may live to rebuild some of what we’ve lost.”

~ Ziri ans Thiago

“Why are you laughing?”

“Because life’s a bastard,” was all Akiva could say.

“Well then,” was his sister’s reply. “I guess we fit right in.”

~ Akiva and Liraz

The Middle East? Eliza wondered. Tattooine? A sign, hand painted, was illegible in exotic, curling letter.s Arabic at a guess.

That probably eliminated Tattooine.


“Some Myths are true,” Eliza had said. “Some have already been lived. And in the drift of time, eternal and entire, some haven’t…There will be Godstars. And they will be us.”

~ Eliza




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