Movie Trailer Monday: Rogue One!

The new Rogue One trailer premiered during the Olympics Thursday night.  I tried to stay up for it, but once they switched from gymnastics (grrrr!) to swimming, I lost interest in the games themselves, not to mention I had a migraine, and had to get up in the morning for work. So I went to bed and immediately looked it up upon getting up in the morning.

It looks awesome! Last time we were mainly introduced to Jyn and what the mission was about, this time around we get to meet each of the characters a little bit. I can’t wait to see this one, I think Jyn is going to be a great addition to the cast of awesome female characters Star Wars has, and I think the other characters will make great additions to the cannon too. I also love the use of the Imperial March in the trailer, perfect way to hint at what is to come!



2 thoughts on “Movie Trailer Monday: Rogue One!

    • I wasn’t a big fan of TFA, but I did grow up on the Original movies. There were parts of it that didn’t feel like SW to me, especially that part with the Rathtars was really B movie material. Rouge One looks awesome though.

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