Fandom Quote Friday: A Study in Charlotte

There were a few quotes in this one that make me laugh out loud, and a reference or two that made me chuckle. You all know how I am with librarian jokes after all.

It was clear that she knew that this is what friends did – showed interest in each other’s lives, offered a willing ear when the other was upset – and that she was doing her best to mimic it. It was also clear that she’d rather be pouring a gallon of water onto a live wire.

Then again, maybe she did that for fun, anyway. Who the hell knew.

~ Jamie about Charlotte

“You also wear the jacket because you think it makes you look like James Dean,’ she said as we walked in. “The eyes are right, but the jaw’s all wrong, and though you’re handsome, you’re no tortured artist. More of a wiry librarian.” She thought for a moment. “I suppose that’s not all bad.”

~ Charlotte about Jamie

“Wait a minute,” Detective Shepard cleared his throat. “You mean that you’re that Holmes? Which makes _”

“Yes, yes,” my father said, waving a hand. “That Watson.”

~ Detective Shepard and Mr. Watson

 Your sister is making a massive mistake, one that might cost her life. I need your family’s help.

Come if it’s convenient. Even if it’s not…just get here.

~ Jamie in a text to Milo Holmes

Charlotte Holmes in her trim black cothes, sitting on a fuzzy ottoman that looked like it had escaped from Fraggle Rock.

~ Jamie describing a scene

Because who doesn’t love a Fraggle Rock reference? Even if these kids are too young to remember that show.


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