Fandom Quote Friday: Stars Above

Most of these quotes are from The Princess and the Guard, but the is also one from The Little Android, and from Something Old, Something New.

A single word, her own name, that brought more dread with it than a thousands threats.

~ Winter

She knew what was wrong with her. She knew hot to make the visions stop. But she wouldn’t give in to them. She was stronger than the monsters.

~ Winter

She wasn’t sure she could manipulate her stepmother, even if she tried – and she wasn’t gong to try. She couldn’t, not after working so hard to free herself of her Lunar instincts.

~ Winter

“Or,” Levana continued, her tone sharpening, “if you fail, I will give you a new reason to practice your glamour. I will give you something to hide. Believe me, I know how strong that motivation can be.”

~ Winter

No, she couldn’t stay here. She could not stand to be lost to the darkness forever, when there was still a whole universe she’d never seen.

~ Mech 2.0


Iko shrugged. “We can work with gaudy.”

~ Iko




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