Stars Above by Marissa Meyer

Stars Above is a short story collection set in the Lunar Chronicles Universe and detailing back stories for most of the characters and an epilogue featuring the wedding of two of the characters.


The Keeper tells the story of how Cinder came to be in Michelle Benoit’s care and parts of Scarlet’s childhood with her grandmother. We learn when Scarlet was taught to fly and shoot, and how Cinder got her name.

Glitches tells the story of Cinder’s first meeting with her step family and introduces her family and Iko to us. Cinder discovers her mechanical skills and who her optics work. Of course, Cinder’s arrival will have some tragic consequences for the Linhs.

The Queen’s Army is Ze’ev’s, or Wolf’s, story. We find out how he came to be in the Queen’s Army, became a special operative, and the fateful fight in the Queen’s presence where he won the spot of Alpha. We also get some insight into why became alpha and his fear at what would happen to him if he didn’t prove himself.

Carswell’s Guide to Getting Lucky introduces us to a thirteen-year-old Thorne and tells us the famous Kate Fallow incident. We also get to meet his parents, a mother that ignores him at the breakfast table, and a strict military father who pushes his son to hard and insists Thorne grow up to be just like him.

After Sunshine Passes By tells the story of a young Cress and how she got trapped in the Satellite by Sybil Mira. I think this was the saddest one to read, since you knew what was coming in the end.

The Princess and the Guard told the story of a young Winter and Jacin. It follows them from childhood to just after Jacin becomes a guard. We get to see their friendship through the years and how it grows to love. We also learn the events surrounding why Winter chose to stop using her gift, why Jason chose to be a guard, and the day Levana forces Winter to scar her face.

The Little Android is a loosely connected tale about a service android that builds spaceships who had developed a personality. She is in love with the engineer she works with, and after saving him, runs away to find a new body which she obtains from Cinder so that she can meet her love as something closer to human and return a lost trinket to him.

The Mechanic is Cinder and Kai’s first meeting told from Kai’s point of view. This was a sweet scene to read as it showed how Kai was feeling when they first met.

Something Old, Something New is the wedding of the third era. I won’t say what couple’s wedding it is, but I will tell you it takes place on Earth. It was also a great ending to the series.

I really liked reading the backstories for the characters. It gave some great insight into why the characters are the way they are and showed that Meyer put a lot of thought into her characters. The only story I could have done with out is The Little Android, which I almost skipped, but curiosity over how it would connect to the others got the better of me.

I know I’ve rated all the books in this series high, but I can’t help it. I give this one Four Lightsabers.


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