Fandom Quote Friday: Winter

Here are some of my favorite scenes from the final full volume of The Lunar Chronicles. These have some of my favorite lines in them, some witty, some sarcastic, and some some full of emotion. I just finished Stars Above, an anthology of short stories. So keep your eyes out for a review and favorite quotes from that. I’m also working on a fancast, which I hope to finish up soon.

“Why did you follow me? Knowing what’s wrong with me. Knowing that I’m broken?”

Scarlet scoffed. “That is an excellent question…I couldn’t let you go on your own.” said Scarlet, most of the venom gone from her tone.


“I don’t know. Call me crazy.”

Winter shut her eyes. “I won’t. You are not damaged like I am. You are not a hundred scattered pieces blowing farther and farther away from each other.”

“My father was a liar and a drunk, my mother left when I was a kid and never looked back. I witnessed a man kill my grandmother and then rip out her throat with his teeth. I was kept in a cage for six weeks. I was forced to cut off my own finger. I’m pretty sure I’m falling in love with a guy who has been genetically modified and mentally programed to be a predator. So all things considered, I’d say I have a fair amount of scattered pieces myself.”

~ Winter and Scarlet


Thorne’s arms tensed, and with one tight squeeze he let her go and turned to face Jacin. A muscle twitched in his cheek. It was the only warning before Thorne’s fist collided with Jacin’s jaw.

Cress gasped.

“That’s for selling us out on Earth,” said Thorne. “And this is for taking care of Cress.”  He pulled Jacin into a hug, burying his face in Jacin’s shoulder.

~ Thorne


“Of course we don’t know if the people believe you’re really dead, but I’m not sure it matters at this point. If you’re alive, then you’re one hell of a revolutionary. If you’re dead, then you’re one hell of a martyr.”

~ Thorne


“Try to keep in mind that they can make themselves look however they want to,” said Cress. “No one in this place is as beautiful as you think they are. It’s all just mind control.”

Thorne grinned and squeezed her closer against his side. “I’m fairly certain there’s at least one exception to that rule.”

Cress rolled her eyes. “Yeah, Thaumaturges.”

He laughed and dropped his arm, though she wasn’t was funny.

~ Cress and Thorne







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