Monster Monday: Queen Levana, The Lunar Chronicles

Today I did a guest post over at Part-Time Monster as part of their weekly Monster Monday feature. It was an honor to participate, and I hope to do it again sometime.

Part Time Monster

monstermondaylogoEditor’s Note: Today’s Monster Monday is a guest post from Mina, who blogs at The Ramblings of a Jedi Librarian. To find out more about Mina and other guest posters, visit the Guest-Monsters page!

When we think of the evil queen from Snow White, we think of an aging woman obsessed with her own beauty and power. But in The Lunar Chronicles, Queen Levana of Luna is much more than obsessed with her own beauty and maintaining her power. Her cruelty to her people and anyone that would defy her means her people view her as a monster.

Levana has an army of genetically altered soldiers who have been given the traits of wolves. They are blood thirsty, and uncontrollable thanks to genetic tampering. They have been forcibly conscripted and turned into wolf-like soldiers with the express purpose of attacking Earth.

Levana’s scientists also created letumosis, the virus ravaging…

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