Fandom Quote Friday: Moving Target and Smuggler’s Run

There were a few quotes in these two that I loved. They played homage to the classic characters Trilogy and Characters I think.

“You’re a maniac,” Kidi moaned, hands still over her eyes.

“I know a Corellian who’d be jealous of that maneuver,” Leia said, bending down to give the Sullustan a kiss on the cheek.

~ Leia and Kidi, Moving Target


Leia smiled, thinking of an asteriod belt far away. For a moment she could almost see Han’s eyes and the grin she’d found infuriating at first, then irresistable. Hadn’t escaping from Hoth with a damaged hyperdrive been an impossible mission too?

If I make it out of here, Han, I’m going on one more impossible mission. Nor for the Alliance – no matter what I’m told my duty is. But for you.

~ Leia, Moving Target


“You still haven’t paid your tab.”

“I’ve got the money.”

“Is that so?” She put her elbows on the bar, lines crinkling at the corners of her eyes as she smiled.

“Let’s see it?”

“I don’t have it with me.”

~ Han and Delia, Smuggler’s Run


“I didn’t do anything!…Delia sold us out, It’s not my fault!”

~ Han, Smuggler’s Run


“I hope you know what you’re doing,” Ematt said.

“I always know what I’m doing,” Solo lied.

~ Han and Ematt, Smuggler’s Run


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