Monster Monday: Queen Levana, The Lunar Chronicles

Today I did a guest post over at Part-Time Monster as part of their weekly Monster Monday feature. It was an honor to participate, and I hope to do it again sometime.

Fandom Quote Friday: Moving Target and Smuggler’s Run

There were a few quotes in these two that I loved. They played homage to the classic characters Trilogy and Characters I think. "You're a maniac," Kidi moaned, hands still over her eyes. "I know a Corellian who'd be jealous of that maneuver," Leia said, bending down to give the Sullustan a kiss on the…

Special Topics Paper – YA Contemporary Romance: Not Just About Teenagers Falling in Love

Library Student Ashley from What’s She Reading? offers this great post on YA contemporary romance adapted from a paper she wrote. Great authors mentioned here, and the post talks about why it’s OK to read YA as an adult.

What's She Reading?

We had to write a paper in my Adult Reader’s Advisory class about some component of RA. I chose to focus my paper on why adults should be more open to reading YA literature. Apologies for anything that doesn’t flow quite right, I had to condense the paper for my blog.

Young Adult (YA) literature is one of those genres that many people believe is unimportant once you’re out of high school. As an adult continuing to read YA books, I’ve heard all of the arguments. “Oh…you still read those? Aren’t you too old for that?” “Why would you want to read about high school if you’re not in high school?” and the ever popular “You should start reading some real books”. Critics of the genre fail to understand the appeal and make a blank statement that all YA books are decidedly lowbrow and not capable of being “true literature”. Young…

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