Winter by Marissa Meyer

After waiting six weeks, I finally got my hands on Winter! The cataloging department took their sweet old time getting out to patrons. I’m just glad I was number 4 on the list so I got one as soon as it was done being processed. So with no further gilding the Lilly, and no more ado, my review of the final chapter of The Lunar Chronicles!


 The gang is back in the final full length installment in the Lunar Chronicles. Cinder and co. have a plan to get to Luna and take back Cinder’s throne. It’s dangerous, and may not work, but they are determined to free the people of Luna and save Earth from her wrath.

With the help of Emperor Kaito, who has agreed to marry Levana to stall for time, they smuggle themselves onto Luna, but are forced to leave Cress behind in a daring escape on the landing platform. With their plan already needing to be altered, those that can make their way to Wolf’s former home to put what they can of their plan into action. But without Cress will they be able to hack the Queen’s communications network and rally the citizens to their cause? Or is their mission over before it started?

Meanwhile at the palace, Princess Winter, the scarred step daughter of the queen is in danger. Levana want’s her dead because they people love her and think her beautiful. Levana orders Jacin, the guard suspected of helping Cinder, to murder Winter or she will murder his family instead. Jacin is faced with a difficult choice: kill the girl he’s loved his whole life, or put his family and himself in danger. Can he find a way to fake Winter’s death and save Cress and Scarlet without getting caught? Or will the three of them face Levana’s wrath?

This one was full of action and intrigue, and of course sarcasm and humor. It also had some bloody scenes in it, executions and torture and battles. But that was to be expected. I didn’t find it to gory, as the descriptions weren’t too graphic, but someone commented to me that they were surprised at how bloody it was. It didn’t bother me.

I loved Winter. She was so sweet and kind, and definitely a three fries short of a happy meal (but not quite wacko!). She was also brave and strong in her own right, like the other heroines. She’d have to be to go through what she did at the hands of the queen, refuse to use her gift and consequently keep Lunar sickness at bay for five years, and keep a positive outlook on what would happen. I loved how devoted to her Jacin was, and how sorry he truly seemed to be for not doing something to save Cress, but vowing to protect her too.

I found it unrealistic that they all made it out alive. Granted, they weren’t unscathed, it was touch and go for a couple of characters, but still. Someone on Cinder’s side should have died. Even if it was just Iko’s body being destroyed and her chip surviving.

I give it Five Lightsabers. I can’t wait for Stars Above, the short story collection that came out Tuesday, Meyer’s new novel Heartless coming out in November, or the just announced two volume Graphic Novel story Wires and Nerve set after Winter, but before the epilogue appearing in Stars Above.


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