Fandom Quote Friday: Top Quotes I Loved in 2015

If you’ve been keeping up here, I love quotes. This started off as a Top Ten Tuesday post for November 17th I think it was, but I didn’t get a chance to finish it. I couldn’t find ten quotes. I so hear are my seven favorite quotes or ones that spoke to me for some reason or another.

No one knows how much of the history once contained inside is now missing because of the cold, sometimes chemical-laden winds that whipped through the Midwest during the Sixth Stage. When the United Commonwealth was officially established, one of its first laws banished the practice of book burning. Though our leaders agreed that warmth was important, they believed preserving the written documentation of our history and culture was even more vital. All citizens who had books were directed to bring them to this library, where an official exchanged the valuable pages for blankets, clothing, or other resources. The exchange allowed the country to retain memories from the past that could help rebuild the future.

~ Cia, Independent Study

Kanan stared. None of what Zaluna was saying made sense. The woman, he now realized, reminded him of Jocasta Nu, the Jedi librarian. The didn’t look anything alike, of course. But Jocasta always seemed to know everything, and acted like knowing everything was nothing. That was definitely in this woman’s manner.

~A New Dawn

I promise, I will not let you die without being kissed.
~ Thorne to Cress, Cress

“Roger? Why did you come out here? You didn’t have to.”

Roger is about to drop his coffee cup into the trash, but stops. He holds it over his mouth and begins to breathe heavily.

“Because-Duke, I am your father.”

~ Zak “Duke” and Roger, The Improbable Theory of Anna and Zak

“I’m serious. Ricardo was never the nicest guy.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, Heather, but I don’t meet a lot of nice guys in my line of work. I’m not exactly a librarian.”

“Yeah, but do librarians hang out with mobsters? Because I’m pretty sure Ricardo owed money to the Mob.”

~ Cooper and Heather, The Bride Wore Size 12

Anachronism (n).

“I’ll go get the horse and buggy,” you’ll say.

And I’ll say, “But I thought we were taking the hovercraft!”

~ The Lover’s Dictionary


The things that matter stay with you, seep into your skin. People get tattoos to have a permanent reminder of things they love or believe or fear, but though she’ll never regret the turtle, she has no need to ink her flesh again to remember her past.

She had not known the markings would be etched so deep.

~ The Orphan Train


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