Happy New Year Everyone!

Hello all! I seem to finally be over my Bronchitis. As soon as I finished my antibiotics, my cough started to come back, and this time it was worse, and I felt worse. Not to mention it kick started my old Asthma. Naturally, more antibiotics and breathing treatments ensued. I plan to get back on track here ASAP. I have a review of The Death Cure coming and a list of my favorite quotes from books I read last year. I’m also finally, finally, reading Winter by Marissa Meyer. It made it’s way to my desk in time for the New Year after nearly two months in cataloging. Which means I can get started on, and actually finish the blog post I’ll be doing for Diana at Part Time Monster for her Monster Monday series, the latest post of which is on Morena, a Slavic Goddess.

In other news, MTV’s The Shanara Chronicles premiers tonight at 10PM. If I didn’t have to get up early in the morning I’d watch it, but I’ll have to watch in online later. ABC Family/Freeform’s Shadowhunters series premiers on January 12th at  9PM. I will be checking both of these out for sure.


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