Bestsellers to Blockbusters: The Scorch Trials

I’m a little late on this post. My vacation didn’t go as planned (my car needed to get fixed, twice, stranding me at the dealership without a book to read) and then just as it was finishing, I got Bronchitis. *sigh* I did finish The Death Cure though. 🙂


Since I recently reviewed the book, I won’t go into to much detail about the plot. Thomas and the gang are on the run from WICKED and have to make it through the Scorch to safety. That’s all you need to know.

The plot of the movie is essentially the same, all the major players and events are there, however how some of the events come to happen have changed.

The first change is right out the gate. The Gladers don’t escape the WICKED facility in the book, they are sent purposefully into the Scorch with a deadline to make it out and told they all have the Flare as a motivator. However, this change actually made for a more action packed opening. If you read my book review, you may remember I said the beginning was slow to start. The movie definitely wasn’t slow to start, it dropped you right into a mysterious facility and then a daring escape. I liked this change. It made a more exciting beginning and drew you in better. However, it is pretty obvious that this is exactly what WICKED wants anyway since their chase of them is kind of half hearted in my opinion. They could have caught up with them sooner than they did.

The group still meet up with Jorge and Brenda, and they still have to get away from the Cranks and end up separated while doing so. They change who sets of the explosion, but that is a minor detail. Since they changed the reason the Gladers are in the Scorch, they had to change Jorge and Brenda’s reason for helping them. In the book, Thomas promises to get them the cure if they help them get to the Safe Haven. Here, Jorge believes Thomas and co can help them get in contact with the Right Arm, a group fighting WICKED. This introduces the Right Arm earlier than in the books. But I don’t think it really matters, you still don’t know if you can trust the two of them or not. I have to say though, I much preferred Thomas and Brenda’s trek through the city in the movie as compared to the books, not that both weren’t action packed and exciting, I just think the movie version was better (more on that later). Like I said earlier, all the major events are here, it’s just that the minor details surrounded some of it has changed.

The only major change is that Teresa is with them throughout the story as opposed to meeting up with the boys later. That being said, her role in the story is still intact. ***unavoidable spoilers ahead***She still betrays the group, just in a different way***end of unavoidable spoilers***.

Let’s talk about casting. Giancarlo Esposito as Jorge is awesome. I can’t imagine anyone else playing him. Same goes for Aiden Gillen AKA Petyr Baelish from Game of Thrones. He’s fantastic as Janson from WICKED.

Now let’s talk about the Cranks. Oh. My. God. My assistant and I were the only two in the theater, and we both literally jumped out of our seats and yelped when the Cranks came out of the wall and started chasing Brenda and Thomas. There were the best darn Zombies I’ve seen, of course, I don’t watch a lot of Zombie stuff, but these were awesome. And the reason I think the escape from the city was better in the movie than in the book. They were freakin’ scary. I think the movie did a better job at portraying the Cranks that had reached the Gone as mindless flesh eaters than the book did, just sayin’.

I really think that over all, despite the changes, the movie was just as good as the book. It had more action, was faster paced, and was scarier. I think that the two series can exist side by side, kind of the way The Vampire Diaries books and TV show are two different entities with the same name and basis. I know that might sound weird, and some might disagree, but I think the changes here don’t majorly affect the story the way they have in failed adaptations, which is why the movies are still a success and getting made.

I can’t wait for The Death Cure to come out in theaters, and am on the waiting list for Kill Order. The Fever Cure, another prequel is also due out next Fall.


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