Fandom Quote Friday: The Testing

This quote is from the second book in the series, Independent Study, and already appeared in my review of the book. However, in honor of Joelle Charboneau’s new book coming out next month, I thought I’d use it in this feature.

The quote is from when Cia is going to visit the library and is thinking about all the knowledge contained it the building and the importance of books.

No one knows how much of the history once contained inside is now missing because of the cold, sometimes chemical-laden winds that whipped through the Midwest during the Sixth Stage. When the United Commonwealth was officially established, one of its first laws banished the practice of book burning. Though our leaders agreed that warmth was important, they believed preserving the written documentation of our history and culture was even more vital. All citizens who had books were directed to bring them to this library, where an official exchanged the valuable pages for blankets, clothing, or other resources. The exchange allowed the country to retain memories from the past that could help rebuild the future.

~ Cia, Independent Study

I also think it’s fitting for Banned Books Week since the quote mentions that book burning is outlawed. Even though the Commonwealth is in many ways a tyrannical state that forces young people to compete in a deadly game to earn admittance into the only University in the country, the fact that they have purposefully outlawed book burning and collected books for study is at least one good thing they are doing.

The first book in this series The Testing is a Sunshine State Young Readers book this year and it appeared on one of YALSA’s top ten lists last year.


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