Fandom Quote Friday: Doctor Who

This week, instead of focusing on a book series, I’m going with everyone’s favorite time travelling alien. Series Nine premiered Saturday, and I’ve been having a rather successful Whovian Friday after hours program so I thought I’d honor the series with a spotlight here.

And what quote am I going to showcase? Well, if your a regular reader here you know I love quotes about books, libraries, or librarians.

You want weapons? We’re in a library! Books! The best weapons in the world! This room’s the greatest arsenal we could have – arm yourselves!

~ The Tenth Doctor

If you guessed the above quote, then I award fifty points to your house.

Coincidentally, my boss bought a poster with part of this quote on it for use in our teen room or the YA stacks. It doesn’t include the latter half of the quote about the room being an arsenal, but it has a TARDIS on it, and really, you don’t need the full quote to get the effect. At any rate, I took it with me yesterday when I went to another branch so I could get it laminated, and the teen and children’s librarians there loved it. When I got back, I went to hang it, and one of the techs I supervise was surprised I was going to hang it since it was, are you ready for this, “controversial” since it mentions weapons. I tried to explain to her what it meant, but she just saw weapons and argued. I pointed out to her who purchased it for the library while trying not to glare at her, and went ahead and hung it. It needs to be up now more than ever if the staff below me want to sensor it. My boss now wants to hang more similar quotes. I’ve already gotten at least one tween/teen pointing at it and going “Look!”. I promptly gave them a flier with the dates to our next Whovian Fridays.

We want to hang more great quotes up, we just have to find the right ones. Perhaps Neil Gaiman’s quote about librarians and Google. If anyone has any suggestions, by all means, fire away in the comments.


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