The Maze Runner by James Dashner

I finished reading The Maze Runner by James Dashner last week. I’m trying to read as much of the books as I can before my assistant and I go see Scorch Trials. So far, I’m loving it! My next Bestsellers to Blockbusters will also be on these, while they are still fresh in my mind.

Set an unspecified number of years into the future, The Maze Runner tells the story of Thomas, a teenage boy who mysteriously finds himself with a group of teenage boys living in a place they call The Glade at the center of a massive maze. No one remembers anything of their lives before they got there or who put them there. The only thing any of them remembers is their name. Soon after Thomas’s arrival, a girl is sent to The Glade, the first girl ever, with a message saying she will be the last. Then, things begin to change. The walls of the Maze stop closing at night, letting the horrible Grievers, half organic half mechanical monsters whose stings can kill, into The Glade. Thomas must find a way to help the others find a way out of the Maze before it’s too late. Will they all make it out alive? Who sent them there and why? The mystery of the Maze will be solved, one way or another.

This series is hugely popular, especially with boys. It’s full of action and mystery, perfect for teen boys who don’t want the supernatural love story and different from the other dystopic teen fare with a love story running through it. While there is one loan female character, there is no romance or love triangle here, but it is implied that prior to coming to The Glade that Thomas and Teresa knew one another and share a deep connection, even if they can’t remember why.

The names of these character all mean something in this series. All of the boys are named after people in history that had great minds, where great leaders, or in the case of Teresa, a compassionate figure from history. Thomas=Thomas Edison, Newt=Issac Newton, Alby=Albert Einstein, Teresa=Mother Teresa, etc. This gave it a great theme throughout the novel, that without giving anything away here, is explained in the last portion of the book.

I give it Five Lightsabers for being action packed, mysterious, scary, and all those good things.


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