Fandom Quote Friday: Star Wars: A New Dawn

So I just finished A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller. There was one quote in particular in this book that spoke to me. So I thought I’d make a great Fandom Quote Friday post.

Kanan stared. None of what Zaluna was saying made sense. The woman, he now realized, reminded him of Jocasta Nu, the Jedi librarian. The didn’t look anything alike, of course. But Jocasta always seemed to know everything, and acted like knowing everything was nothing. That was definitely in this woman’s manner.

~A New Dawn

I love quotes about libraries and librarians. And while Jocasta isn’t exactly the best at reference, she’s pretty cool if you read her Wookieepedia entry. She’s routinely used as an example of bad reference skills by professors of library science because of her attitude and declaration that if she’s never heard of the planet, and it isn’t in the archives, it doesn’t exist. As someone who routinely works the reference desk, just because a book isn’t in our catalog, or I haven’t heard of it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. But that’s beside the point. Any reference to this awesome Jedi and librarian is cool. And I loved Zal and hope we get to see her again.


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