Fandom Quote Friday

im going to try something new. Since I love quotes I thought I lost fave quotes from the books I’m reading  even if they don’t have a fandom or are standalone books, I thought I’d call it Fandom Quote Friday, since it was catch, and most stuff will be at least slightly geeky.

This first one is from the book I just finished. The Improbable Theory of Anna and Zak by Brian Katcher, a geeky love story set in I a fan convention. What better way to start it off?

This first one is from the dedication.

To my mother, Connie. Thanks for taking me to the library.

Seems the author is now a school librarian, so how about that? I always love to see authors thanking librarians ans librarys.

“Roger? Why did you come out here? You didn’t have to.”

Roger is about to drop his coffee cup into the trash, but stops. He holds it over his mouth and begins to breathe heavily.

“Because-Duke, I am your father.”

The book is full of quotes that pay homage to various fandoms, especially Star Wars. There’s even a few Star Wars and Star Trek mashups.  It probably have way to many favorite moment to put them all here, but I thought I’d use that one. You can look for my full review next week. And look for more quotes coming soon on Fridays.


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