The Last Little Blue Envelope by Maureen Johnson

I read the first book of this duo series back in my YA lit class. It was light, and fun, funny, and full of adventure. And this sequel is full of the same.

The Last Little Blue Envelope

Last time around, Ginny Blackstone’s late eccentric artist aunt left her a series of 13 little blue envelopes with specific instructions for traveling around Europe. She got all the way to the end in Greece when her backpack containing the letters was stolen.

This time around, someone has found her letters. Ginny goes back to England to pick them up. But the boy who has her letters, Oliver, won’t just giver her them. He wants to come with her to pick up her aunt’s last piece of art and wants half the proceeds of the sale of it. Keith, the boy she met and fell for last time around, won’t hear of her traveling alone with someone trying to take advantage of her, and offers to drive them to the first destination: Paris. So Ginny, Oliver, Keith, and Keith’s new girl Ellis pile into Keith’s beat up old car for a a life changing road trip through Europe to find the last piece of Aunt Peg’s art. What follows is a grand adventure that is funny, cute, and full of hijinks and even a heist. Can Ginny hold on to her heart and her head?

I really loved these books. They are the perfect mix of adventure and romance and self discovery. I can’t wait to read more from Johnson. I especially want to read her Shades of London series.

I give this one Four Lightsabers.

Up next, I was planning on reading Dark Disciple by Christie Golden, or A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller so I could get a jump on the new Star Wars books, but I just found out about this Geek YA love story called the Improbable Theory of Zak and Anna, and I ordered that instead. So I’ll be reading that next. 🙂


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