Summer Reading 2015: Every Hero Has a Story

So this year’s Summer Reading theme is heroes. Which is great for a Geek Librarian like me. However, unlike last year the artwork is, well, less than stellar. In fact, it’s atrocious. So bad, I’m not even going to share it here. But that doesn’t matter, what matters is that it is an awesome theme. Of course, I’m just getting this out now thanks to a bunch of stress and crayziness that has been going on, and it’s halfway through the summer already! Let’s just say, this summer has been more stressful than last year, and last year was my first SRC! I jumped in feet first last time, this time I’m supposed to know what I’m doing.

So, what am I doing? Well, here’s the rundown on some supper cool hero-tastic programs!


Hero Training

Using the Nerf bows from last year, I’m going to have target practice with Hawkeye, line some hula hoops up like tires for the kids to run through like a ROTC kids do for Boot Camp with Captain America, and have them have to crawl through yarn set up to look like laser beams for Spy Training with Black Widow.

Superhero Accessories

The next week, they get to make their masks and cuffs out of felt. This is a sewing craft. I had success with these last year when I did the Zombie dolls for the Teens and the Monster dolls we did with the Tweens. They got so creative and loved it, and before you ask, no, I didn’t have any incidents of kids stabbing one another with needles.

Heroes VS. Villains Super Showdown

This is like March Madness, only with heroes and villains. I’ll have a power point presentation ready to go where we will pit two heroes, two villains, or a hero and a villains against one another. It will be awesome!


I was originally going to show Big Hero Six, but we since decided to show that as our final party,which I’ll talk about later. Instead, I settled on the next best thing, or the best, it depends on your point of view. The Clone Wars movie. It’s heroes, its friendly for all ages, and features a a young heroine not much older than my Tweens, just like Big Hero Six. Plus, I get to share my love for Star Wars.

Life Size Pac-Man

This is something I wanted to do in the Spring, but didn’t get to because we had an outreach that day and didn’t get to do the program. So I figured, Pac-Man’s a hero, right? I thought so too. So we are going to turn the meeting room floor into a Pac-Man game and let the kids try their luck.

Theseus and the Labyrinth

My assistant and I saw this maze done in a library meeting room on Pinterest and went “Awesome! We need to do that!” I haven’t gotten it planned out yet (which is why I put it last to give myself plenty of time), but they will have to go through the maze and out the back door of the meeting room to complete the challenge. I think I should give a prize for getting through though. Not sure what though.

Final Party: Big Hero Six

One of the branches has this jumbo inflatable screen that we want to borrow, another has snow cone and popcorn machines. We figure we can also have cookies and of course soda, and maybe even Pizza. This will only be open to kids who complete the program by reading the minimum six books. We thought it would make for a fun Movie Night/Final Party for this age group that is right on theme.


Kick-Off: Gaming Party

Our kick-off party last year was a successful gaming party, so we thought we do the same this year.

Box of Lies

This is one of the ideas from the workshop my assistant and I went to in the Fall. Apparently, Jimmy Fallon plays this on his show with celebrities. Two people get a box with random stuff in it and they have to tell each other what’s in the box, and they have to decide if the other person is lying or not. It looked like a lot of fun, and I know my teens will enjoy laughing and having fun hanging out. The only problem? Finding enough boxes and random stuff to put in them to last the allotted time.

Superhero Masks

I’m doing the same craft I’m doing with the tweens. I’ve got a variety of colors for them to choose from, and I can’t wait to see how creative they get since I know they got super creative last year with the zombies.

Pop Tab Bracelets

While looking for my last activity/craft, my boss came across this on some website. We decided, what they hell, right? Recycle crafts are in after all. So I’ve been collecting pop tabs for what I guess you could call “poor man’s chain mail”.

MARVEL-ous Movie

Since the theme is heroes, and Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out this summer, I thought I’d show the first Avengers movie. Full of great heroes – and heroines! – this blockbuster is sure to please. Movies are always a sure bet with my teens.

Heroes vs. Villains: Ultimate Showdown

Again, this is one I’m also doing with the tweens. My teens are much more vocal though and lively, and love to debate fandoms, so I can’t wait to see them debate their favorites. (Coincidentally, this is tonight!)

Superhero Gaming and Super Smash Bros Tournament!

I’m having another game night, but this time we are incorporating a Super Smash Bros WiiU tournament. This is a county wide tourny. The winner from each branch of the library will go on to compete in the championship at our very own version of comic con, LAMEcon, or Library Anime and Manga Enthusiasts. More about that later.

Superhero Paracord

My final program before the big final party is going to be superhero themed paracord bracelets. I’ll have colors to make a certain themed paracord bracelets so it should be a fun filled craft.

Final Party

This will be an after hours party, but it is not finalized yet. We are having the teens vote on it and the vote it tied at the moment.


LAMEcon is kind of our big end of summer shindig. It started a few years ago as a small two day con. There is a dance on Saturday night (I was Steampunk/Goth Alice last year) and a con day Sunday (I was, of course, the Jedi Librarian) with panels, artists, a Maid Cafe, and all kinds of fun stuff. Last year, we topped 1300+  attendees. This year, the 501st Legion is coming, and some artists and actors in town for Fanboy Expo and Tampa Bay Comic con which are running the same weekend and next weekend respectively. We tried our best not to have it on the same weekend as another con, since it was the same weekend as Tampa Comic Con last year, but it just didn’t work out that way. I’m hoping that the 501st members might be up for a little impromptu skit were they arrest a Jedi that escaped Order 66 and has been hiding out on this “mostly harmless” world. I am a member of the Jedi Assembly, and all the groups are friendly with one another so I don’t see why they wouldn’t be. I’ll have to e-mail our resident Jawa.

So that’s my summer. What do you all think?


14 thoughts on “Summer Reading 2015: Every Hero Has a Story

    • So far, it has been! I can’t wait to show Clone Wars this weekend! I almost came up with a Space Heroes or Star Wars themed elementary program for our for rotation (each librarian and or assistant makes a program and then they rotate between the branches) but I didn’t really feel like traveling around and someone did Jedi Academy last year so…didn’t want to repeat anything.

      • Maybe next year then? I think it would be a great addition, no matter what! You should write a post on what they think of TCW, their reactions, etc.

      • Unfortunately, I think next year’s theme has something to do with history. We don’t decide the overall theme ourselves, it’s a national program put out by the Collaborative Library Youth Program.

        A post on their reactions to TCW would be a great idea! Thanks for it!

  1. Yup, same theme at the library where I work… The adult librarians were especially unhappy with the art, felt it looked too juvenile. We didn’t do a whole lot with the theme other than reading-list flyers, just did our own programs. I think the kids’ department did a few more related programs.

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