Update on Life, the Books, and Everything

I’m still here folks, just been busy with work and painting my house. Plus, still not having Internet at home make it difficult to do much. But I have news on that score, I’ve signed up, only to realize there is a problem with my lines. They are coming to fix them Saturday, so here’s to hoping!

Book wise, I’ve read Awaken, the third book in Meg Cabot’s Abandon Trilogy, but since I didn’t review the other two here, I won’t review that one either. I will, however, say it was a great read and ending to the story, even if I forgot some characters and plot lines (All right, more than a few. I can’t help it if I confused the blind ship’s surgeon – whom I still don’t fully recall from the first two, much less that he was blind – with the cemetery sexton, because, you know, Mr. Graves is a great name for a man that works with dead people, and if the local Historical Society had a guy playing “Mr. Graves the undertaker” at the Mourning Tea I went to, then who am I to argue with the great Meg Cabot for doing the same?)

I also finally read The Night Circus thanks to Book Club. I loved it, but I think that one has probably been reviewed to death since it was so popular. I highly recommend it to fans of fantasy and magic. It was a great magical and fantastical read, and a great historic piece.

I just finished the second book in The Testing series, so hopefully I can get that out to you all before I go on vacation next week. Force willing.

Finally, I just started Fairest. After about a month of waiting for it to come in from cataloging, and then having to wait another week to check it out so I could finish the book I was reading first, I started it last night. And let’s just say I’m excited to see who this nice teenage girl becomes the evil queen, and I’m thinking there is some tragedy involved.

That is all for now.


2 thoughts on “Update on Life, the Books, and Everything

  1. The Night Circus is super high on my list of favorite books. I have read it once a year since it came out (twice the year it was released, since I read it through and then immediately re-read it as soon as I finished). The audiobook is narrated by Jim Dale (the narrarator of the Harry Potter audiobooks) and he makes it even more amazing.

    Hope the internet returns swiftly!

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