Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Happy New Year everyone! This review is a bit late out of the gate since I intended it for weeks ago, but you know how it goes. A year in review post will be coming soon, but first a new book review!

After around two months of waiting on the holds list, Scarlet came in for me. Then I couldn’t read it right away because I had too many other things checked out that were due first. Good thing staff don’t incur fines! And even if I did, I’d happily pay them for a chance to read this next installment in the Lunar Chronicles. Then, I moved and I still don’t have Internet at my house, so the review got delayed even more. So much for hoping to get it posted by the end of the year.

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Cinder, Iko, Kai, and Levana are back in the second book of the bestselling Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer! Plus, we get some new characters too.

The book begins meres hours after the ball in a small French town. We are introduced to Scarlet (AKA Little Red Riding Hood), an eighteen-year-old girl whose grandmother Michelle Benoit is missing. Careful readers will recognize the name of the former European Union Pilot who supposedly hid the Princess Selene. Scarlet is frustrated that the police won’t due anything to find her grandmother, believing the old woman left of her own free will. Then, a mysterious street fighter named Wolf overhears Scarlet’s conversation about her missing grandmother and offers to help Scarlet find her. Scarlet is hesitant to accept Wolf’s offer, but when Scarlet’s father returns after years of living the life of a drunkard in the city and claims to have been taken and tortured by the same people in order to get information, she reluctantly accepts.

Meanwhile, over in New Beijing Cinder is trying to escape prison and in doing so meets a young, cocky American pilot, Carswell Thorne, who offers to get them out of the country on the ship he has stashed, if Cinder takes him with her. Not having a plan beyond getting out of the prison alive, Cinder begrudgingly takes him along. At Cinder’s insistence, they two try to track down Michelle Benoit hoping she will lead them to the lost Lunar Princess.

Of, course danger ensues for both sets of characters as their individual journeys eventually lead them to the same destination. Can Scarlet trust Wolf? Will Cinder and Thorne get caught, or make it to France before the Lunar Forces do?

This was a great next installment that kept me wondering what was going to happen next. I was delighted when Iko came back, even if she wasn’t in Android form (no, I won’t tell you how she comes back, just that she does). New character Thorne has a penchant for reminding people he is a “Captain” and not a Cadet, and he reminded me a bit of Han Solo and Jack Sparrow. Eery SciFi story needs its cocky, smuggler pilot in my opinion anyway. Scarlet was a headstrong and determined heroine who wasn’t afraid to fight back, or speak her mind. I have a thing for ragtag crews and this group of characters is certainly looking like one in the end.

For fans of twisted fairy tales and SciFi, this is the story for you, with not one, but multiple heroines whose story’s intersect.

I give it Four Lightsabers, and can’t wait to start Cress later today or tomorrow, or for Fairest to come out.


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