This is a few weeks late, plus it took me longer than I thought it would to read the three slim volumes due to work and real life (I was buying a house!). But here goes. The review concerns the events in Volumes 1-3, subtitled Yesterday’s X-Men, Here to Stay, and Out of Their Depth.

I recently made a post about how I decided to read The All New X-Men after seeing them come in from cataloging. I thought it would be a good intro into comics, and I was right.

The story begins shortly after the events of the Avengers Vs. X-Men story arc, and if you haven’t read it I won’t spoil what that means. The remaining X-Men are disgusted and angry at Cyclops for his actions, and Beast decides the only way Scott will see reason is if his younger self comes face to face with his current self and sees what he will be become. So he goes back in time and convinces a young Jean Grey, Scott Summer, Henry McCoy, Bobby Drake, and Warren Worthington III and brings them to the present.

Meanwhile, new mutants are beginning to randomly pop up across the world and Cyclops and his group of mutants – Magneeto, Magik, and Emma Frost – are bringing them to their own school. Unfortunately, things aren’t going so well for them since they are wanted by the government.

After seeing their future, the original X-Men decide to stay and try to make sure things turn out they always hoped they would. But things are about to come to a head between the two groups of X-Men.

I really liked the story and getting to know the characters a bit better since I’ve only seen the movies. They only thing I didn’t like is how Storm’s look changed in the middle of Here to Stay, it really threw me off. I’m not positive, but I believe the punk look is from the all female X-Men lineup in the X-Men comics that came out during the time the comics for The All-New X-Men were coming out last year. I can’t wait for the others in the series to come in so I can see what happens next, and I just might go back and read the previous storyline since we have those as well.

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