The All New X-Men or Plunging Headfirst into Graphic Novels

Cover of The All New X-Men Vol. 1

In recent years, graphic novels (GNs) have become increasingly popular. Libraries are now expanding their collections for children, teens, and adults (The library I interned at added an Adult Graphic Novel Collection earlier this year). The Young Adult Library Services Association even has a list of the top GNs for teens. Copies of Spiderman, X-Men, and Batman now populate the shelves alongside Manga like Black Butler and, of course, Sailor Moon. And it’s not showing any signs of decreasing in popularity.

This is why I chose to read three GNs for the YALSA Hub Challenge. Relish, Boxers & Saints, and Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong! were my first GNs (although I had read a few Manga, but never an entire series). In order to become more familiar with GNs – and Manga – I recently checked out Sailor Moon since I had never seen the entire Anime, or course right before I went to check it out Vol. 1 was removed from the collection probably for being returned damaged. In any case, I’m now on the last volume. But what to read next?

Yesterday (and today), we got in a a whole bunch of new Marvel GNs from cataloging. I always look over the new arrivals to see what we are getting and found The All New X-Men Vols. 1-3 (Part of the Marvel Now!). I’ve been a fan of the X-Men movies and even participated in an X-Men RP back in my Gaia Online days (my character, Electrica, has control over electricity). After reading the description, I decided this would be the perfect introduction to the X-Men comics, and to GNs. I’m excited to read them and learn more about the X-Men.


5 thoughts on “The All New X-Men or Plunging Headfirst into Graphic Novels

  1. *shudder* I spent three days last week cataloging a never-ending stream of electronic format graphic novels. Although I read maybe half a dozen back when I was a teenager, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to look at one again because of how terrible they are to catalog, especially electronically — hit or miss publication info, faux title pages, title pages buried 15 pages into the text, series and item titles used interchangeably . . . ahhh!!! And with the pdfs, they take 15-20 seconds to load each page, and some never loaded at all, which really killed my production for the day. Oof.

    Okay, that’s my other-side-of-the-librarians-love-graphic-novels-coin rant 😀 Good luck in your quest!

    • Oh my! I’ve heard cataloging of electronic resources is a horrible process. We have two catalogers, so it takes them a long time to get to stuff. I think these are part of the the batch I saw sitting in cataloging when I was in training, back in May! The only electronic versions we have are some in Overdrive and Axis 360. I’m not sure who handles those though.

      And thanks!

      • I’m sure cataloging them in print is much easier, because so much of my trouble came from load times. But I will say I had weird dreams for a week after all that XD You’re warned!

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