YALSA Hub Challenge: Why I Didn’t Finish

So when I took this on in February I fully expected to finish. Up until mid May I still thought I could. Alas, I could not. I got 19 books read. And would have had 20, but I did not finish the 20th in time. What follows is not a list of excuses by any means. I know I could have finished this, but a list of things that when combined lead to me not finishing.

1. Starting a new job

I used to have about three days a week where, as long as I answered the bloody phone and got the data entered, I could read while at work. This was hugely in my favor. I read the bulk of the books for the challenge this way. However, in the beginning of May I was offered and accepted my first library job. I’m of course excited and loving it. But it does put a halt to my available reading time.

2. Availability of books
I practically exhausted the available books in both the city and county systems. There were one or two others available that I didn’t read because their premises didn’t interest me as much as the others. Then there is the holds list on The Book Thief. Both the e-book and physical copies have long holds lists. Only two of the three audiobooks I wanted to listen to were available, and in e format at that. It took two downloads to finish Etiquette and Espionage due to the one week loan and my work schedule, and I had to wait both times due to others wanting it. I ran out of time before I could get the other. I wanted to ILL Strobe Edge, and that would have done it, but not all of them are old enough for that and it would take too long for them to arrive so late in he the game. I even borrowed two books from a friend, but that wasn’t enough.

I ran out of time on the last one, Lexicon by Max Barry. I got through the first few chapters, and it had a very interesting concept. But with work, I just didn’t have t he time. I pal to finish it at some point, but if decided to move on to a less deep and plot heavy book. Like Dangerous Creatures. Especially since I really need to get on the bandwagon and finally read a few of the recent popular titles so I can discuss them I with the teens, and be able to recommend them.

3. I didn’t finish the last book
I really wanted to read Lexicon, but with the time I had left, I just couldn’t. I plan on reading it later when I can get into the concept of the right words being used to manipulate people and conspiracy theories and world changing stuff oh my. But for now, I’m enjoying Dangerous Creatures. Because who doesn’t love reading about a Siren and a quarter-Incubus getting themselves in trouble?


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