I’m not ashamed to read YA

This response to an article shaming adults who read YA books by a fellow youth librarian sums up exactly how this 28-year-old Teen Services librarian feels. Vive la YA lit! You can read my review to Eleanor and Park from earlier this year in my archives.

Skipping through the stacks..

A recent article on Slate suggests that as an adult, I should be embarrassed that I am still reading and enjoying YA literature. (click the picture above for the story)  This article quite frankly chaps my hide. As a librarian I feel that one should read whatever the h*** suits their fancy. If you want to read the Magic Tree House and you are 50 years old.. go for it! If you want to read the latest YA fantasy and you happen to be a 33 year old Youth Services Librarian then who cares. Get over yourself Ms. Graham. In a world where getting people to read at any age is an increasing challenge, we don’t need the shaming. Many adults stop reading after college and never pick up anything again for pleasure. Why make anyone feel embarrassed because they love Divergent or Winnie the Pooh?

I had a lovely…

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