YALSA Hub Challenge Book 18: Lives of Tao

Next up is Alex Award winner Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu. While this book is an adult novel, it has large appeal to teens, especially teen boys, which is why it won the Alex Award.

Lives of Tao

Lives of Tao

Roen Tan is an overweight thirty-year-old computer programmer who is living a rather depressing life. He hates his job and lacks the self confidence to ask the woman he likes out. That all changes when he quite by chance become the host to Tao. Tao is an alien being called a Quasing, whose species crashed her millennia ago and has been trying to get home every since. Unfortunately, there are two factions at war with one another. The Prophus, who Tao belongs to, that believe in trying to preserve humanity, and the Genjix, who don’t care if they destroy humanity in the process. Now, Roen is getting caught up in the conflict as a new host, but before he can jump into his new role as a spy, he’s going to need Tao’s and fellow host Sonya’s help to get in shape, and maybe gain some self confidence along the way. However, is Roen ready for war and the loss that can come with it?

I found this an entertaining read. I love SciFi (obviously). I also don’t read enough adult novels, or ones from a male perspective. It was nice to read about someone closer to my own age, and to get the perspective of a male. While most of the story was from Roen’s POV, we did get to see a few chapters from the enemy and from Sonya. Although I’d love to have had more of the story from Sonya’s POV, since the few snippets from her POV made me want to know her character more. While the concept of two factions of a species being at war and needed human host to fight did remind me a bit of the Goa’uld and Tok’ra of Stargate: SG-1, it wasn’t enough of a resemblance to diminish the concept or take away from the story.

I give this one Five Lightsabers.


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