YALSA Hub Challenge Book 10: All The Truth That’s In Me

My next book was All The Truth That’s In Me by Julie Berry.

Julie Berry’s All The Truth That’s In Me

Four years ago, Judith was taken from her small community of Roswell Station and her best friend, Lottie, was murdered. Two years later she returned home, but with her tongue cut out. She is shunned by her community. Her brother calls her Worm, and her mother forbids her from trying to talk. Judy tries to deal with coming home and what’s happened to her, along with her feelings for her neighbor and lifelong friend, Lucas.

Suddenly, the community is attacked by marauders from the Homeland looking to take there land and supplies. Julie knows who can help save them, and where he is, but even if he agrees to help will her choice to return to to the man that took her have dire consequence? When her actions end up eventually condemning not only herself, but Lucas, can she find her voice and finally tell all the truth that she hides inside?

I was honestly surprised by this novel. I didn’t know much about it when I picked it up, and had never read any of Berry’s other work. Judith’s story is one of survival and perseverance, and the power our voice can give us. The identity of her captor and that of her friend’s murder is quite shocking, not just to readers but to the community she lives in. I was also pleasantry surprised that despite the community’s dismissal of her, not everyone was a “sheep” following the leader. When one of the girl’s invites her to tea and encourages her to speak again, I wanted to give that girl a great big hug for her own courage to do what no one else would: be a friend to someone who no one else would.

The story is beautifully written and is one of my favorites so far from the challenge thus far. While I can’t pinpoint the time period, the story of a girl held in captivity who returns needs no set time period in a world when we here of such girls on the news every few years. This book is every bit worthy of it’s Best Fiction award. I give it Five Lightsabers.


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