YALSA Hub Challenge Book 4: Relish

I haven’t read many graphic novels, but when I saw that my library had purchased this one as part of their new Graphic Novel Collection, and that it was on the list of books to read, I decided I give this one a try. Relish by  is one of this year’s Alex Award winners and is a memoir of growing up told with food stories.

Relish by Lucy Kinsley

The story is a nice coming of age story about growing up with a mother who is a caterer and grows her own food, and surrounded by chefs and good food. It tells how food can be associated with memories, both good and bad, and how it can influence and change you as you grow up.

I quite enjoyed Kinsey’s tales, from how her mom made Creme Brulee for her class instead of cupcakes for her birthday, to how she ate McDonald’s in Rome pissing off her father (I remember the very McDonald’s she mentions from when I visited the same square with a group from my high school after I graduated. While I did not go in, someone from our group did), and how her friend in grad school made the worst meal she’s ever had.

For teens, this is a great book showing growing up in a world they may not be familiar with, but can still relate to. For adults, it can be a trip down memory lane as we remember ourselves in similar situations to hers. The book even has recipes.

I give it Three and a half lightsabers!


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