YALSA Hub Challenge Book 2: Star Wars Jedi Academy

So is it a surprise to anyone that when I saw Star Wars Jedi Academy by Jeffrey Brown listed on the list of books to choose from that I chose it? I hope not! I don’t call myself the Jedi Librarian for nothing!

So my second choice was the first Star Wars books for tweens or teens I’ve read since I was in high school. They just don’t make enough of them for young fans. I’m hoping the popularity of Jeffrey Brown’s books will change this.

This is the story of young Roan, who wants to go to Pilot Academy for middle and high school. After all, his dad went to Pilot Academy and his brother goes to Pilot Academy, so how can he not get in, right? Well, he doesn’t. Instead he is admitted to Jedi Academy because Yoda thinks he might be a powerful Jedi.

Told in the popular diary format like Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries, the book follows a year in the life of Roan as he tries to fit in at Jedi Academy, make friends, make his first lightsaber, and learn to use the Force. Complete with cute drawings, and Roan’s very own comic Ewok Pilot, the books is great for tweens dealing with going to middle school for the first time, or dealing with being the new kid. Young Star Wars fans will love it even more, and I bet they’ll want to go to Pilot or Jedi Academy too! I know I would!

I give it four lightsabers.


8 thoughts on “YALSA Hub Challenge Book 2: Star Wars Jedi Academy

  1. It actually looks adorable! They did a piece on this in one of the recent Star Wars Insider and interviewed Brown. I own his Vader’s Little Princess and really enjoyed it so I hope to get to this!

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