The Year in Review

Well, it’s been another year.  I completely three semesters of library school, stressed through my comprehensive evaluation, and finally graduated.    Which is why I took the future out of the title of this blog.

I also tried to make it a point to post once a week.  Some months I did better than others.  In January, I decided to make a blog post reviewing my weekly readings.  I had to do this for my Social Media class anyway, so re-posting those posts here was easy to do.  I kept this up for the Summer semester with my Museums and Libraries class.  For the fall, I found that harder to do, one becuase I was doing an internship, and two becuase the weekly readings didn’t always lend themselves easily to that since they were all chapters out of textbooks and not indidual essays or articles.  I could have come up with a way to do it, but I think I was too stressed and tired to do so.  Instead I started my Bestsellers to Blockbusters series discussing popular books that have been turned into moives.  I have more to come on those as soon as I have a chance to see all of this years adaptations and read their book versions as well.  I’ll even go back and redo the posts for those that I haven’t read and seen.

Despite this small change, I think my readership has slowly grown.  I’ve made some new friends, both in the library world and in fandom, including two in both!  Most importantly, I’ve had fun blogging.  Now that I’m done with school, I don’t plan on packing it in either.  I will continue to have library related news, library literature reviews to topics of interest, and will be adding book reviews/Reader’s Advisory from here on out.  I’m even planning to read Harry Potter and reviw all of them from the point of view of a first time adult reader.  So be prepared for a funfilled 2014.  I plan to again try to get at least one post out a week.  So raise your glass and toast to 2014 being another great year.


4 thoughts on “The Year in Review

  1. Nice! I am excited to read your Harry Potter review. I can’t wait! I assume you mean you’ll be reading all 7?

    By the way – I just posted a list of all the books I read in 2013. I’d be interested to know if you’ve read any of them, and if you have, what you thought of them.

    • Yes, all seven. I got I and 7 from the library bookstore, hardcover, without covers, but a buck a piece. My mom also picked up 5 at a thrift store.

      Cool, I’ll check it out. I can’t remember all I’ve read, several where textbooks/schoolbooks though.

  2. Congratulations on graduating! I hope you enjoy the Harry Potter books. My 60-something year old aunt turned me on to Harry Potter when I was around 40. Am I ever so glad she did! I look forward to reading posts on your thoughts about the books. Congrats again on graduating!

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