Jedi Librarian Named Fangirl of Day for July 3rd!

This post isn’t exactly library related, but I don’t care.  First off, I should say what Fangirl of the Day is.  The Fangirl of the Day is part of Year of the Fangirl, a year long celebration of female geeks everywhere started by Her Universe owner Ashley Eckstein.  Ashley is the voice of Ahsoka Tano, Anakin’s young aprentice in the Clone Wars cartoon.  She started Her Universe in 2010 to bring Star Wars and other genre inspired appearal to female fans. In February, she launched the Year of the Fangirl.

So I filled out the form with what I was a fan of, how I expressed that, my fave fangril quotes, etc, signed the release and sent it in.  I open my e-mail Wednesday to find that Her Universe has mentioned me in a Tweet and find that said Tweet is introducing me as the Fangirl of the Day!

So I am proud and honored to be one of those chosen to be featured.  I’m proud of my status as a fangril and geek.  So here’s the little piece on me, the Jedi Librarian.

Remember everyone, MTFBWY!


3 thoughts on “Jedi Librarian Named Fangirl of Day for July 3rd!

  1. That is so awesome! I love Ashley Eckstein and everything she is doing for us Fangirls! I liked reading the section on you and I’ve always received the same comment about being Leia because my hair is also blond. So frustrating!

    Well, congrats! And I also have a friend who just graduated from getting her Masters in Library Science.

    • Thank you! I do too. She is so nice when you meet her and really takes the time with each person to talk to them. She’s especially good with kids. When I met her at CV she loved my costume and asked if it was OK if she too took a picture of us. When I saw her at Star Wars weekends this year she asked if he had met at another event, and when I mentioned I was the Jedi Librarian girl she had met at CV she remembered.

      What a small world! The LIS world is kind of a small one I’ve learned. Names of librarians or libraries that have good programs can travel quickly with all the library journals and the biblioblogosphere. Plus, we do a lot of networking between counties so we always have a contact at other libraries it seems. I wish her luck in finding her first library job. I’ll be graduating at the end of the year myself.

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