Libraries That Are More Than Just Books

A classmate shared a list of unique items that can be checked out from various libraries across the country.  From fishing poles to camping gear to free passes to state parks and museums. These items show that libraries aren’t just for books anymore.  The camping gear and fishing poles are great for family outings.  Seeds for your garden are a great way to jump start a home gardening project.  Though I think the best thing on the list is the passes to state parks at Georgia libraries, Chicago area museums and the zoo from the River Forest Public Library, and the passes to area attractions from the Fairfield Library.

The Fairfield Library in Connecticut offers free passes to 42 area attractions and Cultural Heritage Sites.  Sites include museums, zoos, and aquariums in the area near the library.  What a great way to promote Cultural Heritage in your community than to offer free passes to such sites.  I know I’d use them if I lived there.  There are of course restrictions, and they do carry a $10 late fee charge per day, but as long as you remember to return them on time, than you get to experience the great cultural offerings your area has to offer.


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