The Idea of Cultural Heritage: A Review of the Literature

It kinda slipped my mind that I wanted to continue doing these little review posts on what I have to read for my class(es).  Thank the Force that book for last week was so good it made we want to write a review here!  The next three posts therefore will be a bit back to back to back.

The first week was on “The Idea of Cultural Heritage”.  We read the preface, introduction, seventh chapter of Open Conversations: Public Learning in Libraries and Museums by David Carr.  Carr’s book went over what Cultural Heritage was and how we can preserve it.  The seventh chapter disscussed provocatative texts and websites where we could find information and articles on different aspects of culture.

From The New Dictionary of the History of Ideas, I chose to read the article on Cultural History by Donald R. Kelley.  The article goes into the history of the world culture and the concepts and people behind it, then onto explaining the evolution of the definition of “Cultural History”.   The six volume set of History of Ideas has articles non numerous topics that one can explore.


Carr, D. (2011). Open Conversations: Public learning in libraries and museums. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited.

Kelley, D. R. (2005). New dictionary of the history of ideas. Vol. 2 pp. 513-516. New York, NY: Scribner & Sons.

*I accessed the History of Ideas as an e-book through USF Libraries web portal.  Carr’s book is also accessible that way.


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