Social Media and Higher Education: A Review of the Literature

This is my last topic from my Social Media for Information Professionals class.  It’s from last week, but I’m still a bit behind at the moment.  I was super stressed last week with the end of my massive research project (details to come).  I hope I can keep up this little feature over the Summer with Libraries as Cultural Heritage Institutions.

Last week’s topic was about Social Media and higher education.

Hemmil, Bayne, and Land’s article on blogs and wikis for instruction was a great way to see how these services are being used.  They made a lot of great points about the benefits of using these services that make it easy to see why they should be used.

Mazer, Murphy, and Simmonds’ article about student’s perceptions of teachers/professors use of Facebook was very interesting.  I have a couple of teachers or professors friended and it doesn’t bother me that they use Facebook.  However, the ones I have friended were one’s that I had a particularly good relationship with in class and who had an impact on me, so I ended up friending them later after having them.  I can see how the amount of information they share would change undergrads perceptions of them.

Top’s article about undergraduates using blogs in their courses to help each other learn and for evaluation reminded me of the blogs I’ve had to keep over the course of my time in the program.  I think they are great tools to help with learning and this article really reinforced this.

 I found the other two articles quite confusing.  All the quoting of statistics just confused the hell out of me and made them hard to read and understand.  It’s been so long since I had statistics that I just don’t remember enough of it to comprehend or remember what they are trying to say.  Although they all made great points and arguments.


Hemmil, A., Bayne, S. & Land, R. (2009). The appropriation and repurposing of social technologies in higher education. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 25 (1), 19-30.

Mazer, J. P., Murphy, R. E., Simonds, C. J. (2007). I’ll see you on “Facebook”: The effects of computer-mediated teacher self-disclosure on student motivation, active learning, and classroom climate. Communication Education, 57 (1), 1-17.

Top, E. (2012). Blogging as a medium in undergraduate courses: Sense of community best predictor of perceived learning. The Internet and Higher Education, 15 (1), 24-28.

* These can be found in databases that the University Library licenses, search your University’s OPAC by Journal name, and then look up the volume and issue to find and read


2 thoughts on “Social Media and Higher Education: A Review of the Literature

  1. Hang in there! This semester is almost done! I took Libraries & Museums as Cultural Institutions last summer and had a blast. Hopefully you have McCook as your professor. She’s great!

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