E-books, Publishing, and Social Media: A Review of the Literature

This weeks materials were on e-books, publishing, and using social media.

Morrison’s article talked about marketing for self-published authors using social media.  Apperantly, they should sepend 80% of their time on marketing using social media and only 20% writing.  Which Morrison argues is a lot, and that it doesn’t really work as well as people say it does.  Plus, who get a novel done only spending 20% of their time writing?

Petracca’s article from USA Today about Newsweek going completely digital was quite interesting.  I didn’t know you could only get newsweek electronically.  It made a god argument for going digital, but keeping print for those that want print and talked about the future  of e-publishing for news materials.

Purcell’s report from the Pew study about e-reader usage were very helpful to understand the adoption rate and usage of e-readers and tablets by specific groups of people.  It also talked about how it isn’t the death of print.  I found it quite interesting and helpful to understanding the phenomenom.

Warren’s article on the future of e-books is about how e-books got started, where they are, and wehre they are going.  He talks about their usage in academia.  It was quite an illuminating article.


Morrison, E. (July 30, 2012). Why social media isn’t the magic bullet for self-epublished authors. The Guardian.

Petracca, L. (October 18, 2012). “Newsweek” to end print edition in December. USA Today.

Purcell, K. (2011). E-reader ownership doubles in six months. Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Warren, J. W. (2009). Innovation and the future of e-books. The International Journal of the Book, (6) 1, 83-93.


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