Social Media: Looking Globally, A Review of the Literature

Last weeks topic was about Social Media on a global scale.  This week I have a break due to it being Spring Break.

Arno’s article on how to get started on social media marketing in other countries was a big help to understand that process.  Advertising in a foreign market can’t be easy, but this article explained it well.

Cosenza’s world map of social media usage really put it in perspective where certain services were popular and just how popular they were world wide.  I especially liked the second map that changed to show how the distribution and popularity of services has changed over the years.

Moerdyck’s article focused on statistics of mobile devices, Social Media usage, and what consumers want from companies they follow.  The statistics were very interesting, I didn’t realize so many people only used Social Media through their phones.

Nielson’s article focused on the rise of Facebook around the world.  It gave a brief overview of the rise of Facebook with facts and statistics that I didn’t know.

The Pew article as always was in depth.  Their study showed that texting and social media usages are popular world wide and that age and education are a factor in who uses these services.  Their tables really put things in perspective and drove the statistics home so to speak.

Finally, van Bellegham gave ten conclusions based on a study of usage.  His conclusions were insightful and showed an understanding of the material.  Something that is hard to get from those reports.

Over all, great subject this week.  I knew Facebook and other services were popular around the world, but it’s another thing to be truly shown how popular and understand it.


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