Social Media and Journalism: A Review of the Literature

This week dealt with a very interesting topic, Social Media and Journalism.

Brooks article on how Social Media can be used to help journalists break news gave some interesting insight on how journalist can use Social Media to there advantage.  Very useful for journalists to read.

Grenshing-Pophal’s article discussing weather or not Social Media was the friend or foe of journalists was also quite insightful.  It really gave an understanding of both side of the issue and gave a compelling argument for both sides.

Kaufold’s article on citizen journalism shed a little more light on a topic I had heard about in passing from a journalist friend, I thought this really explained what it is, and how it can work.  After all, only citizens who are there as the news is happening can document it first hand.  Journalists only tell the story second hand from witnesses.

Finally, I found Lavrusik’s article on the future of Social Media and journalism helpful as well.  It’s ideas for the future and how newsrooms are hiring a person just to handle Social Media accounts reminds of the articles we read about the future of libraries and Social Media.

Both the topics of using Social Media in Journalism and Libraries seems closely linked with advocates and those vehemently against it.  These really helped me to see that our field is not the only field with issues for the future.


Brooks, R. (May 3, 2011). How social media helps journalists break news. Social Media Examiner

Grensing-Pophal, L. (January 2010). Social Media: Journalism’s friend or foe? EContent. 33 (1), 24-28

Kaufhold, K., Valenzuela, S. & de Zuniga, H. G. (2010). Citizen journalism and democracy: How user-generated news use relates to political knowledge and participation. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, 87 (3/4), 515-529

Lavrusik, V. (September 13, 2010). The future of social media in journalism


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