Privacy and Social Media: A Review of the Literature

Again, just under the wire.  But this class is proving to be a bit of a nightmare.  I’ll have to explain more later.

This week, our readings were all about privacy and other people’s perceptions of us online.

I found the Fast Company article by Collins a great explanation of the differences between security and privacy breaches.  He also explained how they happened and how to try and prevent them in a simple and easy to understand way.

Endler’s article talked about how California passed legislation preventing employers from asking for your Facebook log in information.  This has become an issue country wide, and many people and groups are against employers checking up on applicants or employees.  Some schools have even tried to monitor the accounts of high profile student athletes according to the article.  Endler mentions other legislation in place to outlaw schools and businesses from asking for you log in information.

Perez’s article highlights statistics on use of privacy setting and how we can use them to keep ourselves safe.  I found it surprising that so many people are not aware weather their profiles are private or not when all you have to do to find out and use privacy controls is to go to the settings area of your account.


Collins, B. (October 3, 2008). Privacy and security issues in social networking

Endler, M. (October 1, 2012). California passes tough social media privacy laws

Perez, S. (June 30, 2009). Social network users reportedly concerned about privacy, but behavior says otherwise


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