Social Media Usage by the Numbers: A Review of the Literature

Got this one reposted here just in time this week.  Hopefully next week I’ll get this posted sooner.

This weeks readings were on Social Network usages by individuals and groups. These articles gave me a better understanding of how Social Media is used and by whom.

Bercovitz details 20 Social Media monitoring sites or apps.  This is great for people that have multiple accounts and want to monitor all of them.  This was a very useful article.

I found Boulos’s article on Health Care using wikis, blogs, social tagging, RSS, and podcasting quite interesting.  I had never thought about these things being used in health care and it really opened my eyes to all the possibilities out there for Web 2.0 tech.

Hampton, Goulet, Rainie, and Purcell’s research for the Pew Internet and American Life project was very interesting. I found it quite helpful to know how Social Media effects our daily lives.

Martin’s article for USA Today on small business using Social Media was good to know.  Libraries aren’t the only ones that can benefit from the use of Social Media for marketing.  Perhaps we can learn a few things from businesses.


Bercovitz, L. (September 5, 2012). 20 free social media monitoring tools you should be using. Small Business Trends

Boulos, M. N. K. & Wheelert, S. (2007). The emerging Web 2.0 social software: An enabling suite of sociable technologies and health care education. Health Information & Libraries Journal, 24 (1)

Hampton, K., Goulet, L.S., Rainie, L. & Purcell, K. (2011). Social networking sites and our lives. Pew Internet & American Life Project

Martin, S. (August 28, 2012). Small-business customer service tools: Social media, surveys. USA Today


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