RSS and Social Bookmarking: A Review of the Literature

Again, I aplogize for the late post.  I was trying to get these out on Wednesdays, but lat week was just ubber crazy.  I felt like Jack O’Neill did in “Window of Oppurunity”, if I didn’t finish that presentation soon I was going to lose it.

This week was about Social Bookmarking and RSS, or really simple syndication.

Google’s articles on RSS feeds and Google Reader where simple and easy to understand.  They would be great for people who have never used them.  I had such a hard time the first time I heard about RSS during undergrad that I didn’t grasp it until I started this program.  These really would have helped me at UT when I did that Sociology project.

Mu’s article in Kern’s edited column went over RSS use in Academic Libraries, various readers, and Social Bookmarking in a clear, concise way.  Again, I wish I had read this sooner.  This gave me a better understanding of how these things are being utilized by libraries.

Saxton’s article was a great way to explain how blogs, RSS, wikis can be used professionally, specifically by Young Adult Librarians.  I liked the author’s ideas and can’t wait to try to put them to use some day.

The RSS in Plain English Video I’ve seen before in my Foundations class, and as I said apove, I wish I’d had it during my Sociology class at UT.  I had a project where I had to collect 25 news articles on news in another country and the professor tried to teach us how to set up an RSS feed, but I was so lost I gave up.  This video would have helped my classmates and I immensely.  I also found the Social Bookmarking in Plain English video a great easy explanation of how to use

The Social Bookmarking: making the web work for you video was quite helpful to explain all the features of Diigo, however, I have found I like better when I was asked to use both in Preparing Instructional Media.  The video did answer some unanswered questions though.


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