Since I’ve been required to sign up for Twitter for my Social Media class, I can check one more thing off the 23 things list.  I think that brings me to 11.  I am JediLibrarian42 over there.

I was required for class to follow some of my classmates, tweet about three things I learned, and retweet one of my classmates.  I’ve done that, and since the 23 things project requires me to find and engage with others, I am now follow a few shows and celebrities.  These include Star Wars, The Clone Wars (I hope no one is surprised by this), Downton Abbey, Once Upon a time, Amanda Tapping (of Stargate and Sanctuary), Her Universe/Ashcley Eckstein, and Pualey Purrette of NCIS, YALSA, the Library of Congress.  I need to track down the feeds for the local libraries next.

We’ll see if I keep up with this.  So far, I’m actually having fun with it.

Libraries can use Twitter to inform followers about upcoming events and new books.  I think a “fact of the day” would be a great idea too, as long as you could limit it to 140 characters.  With services that shrink urls, you could easily link to information with these quick facts.  Follow up tweet on events are a great idea too, thank those that came and made your event a success.


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