Sorry for the delay this week.  I was trying to post around the same time of the week, but things got away from me.  This weeks topic for my class was Twitter.  I finally learned how to use it and made my first tweets for class.

This weeks readings focused on the social media site Twitter.  I have never used Twitter and am still not quite sure what it is even though it has been around since 2006.  Posting quick, short updates about my day all day long has never interesting me.  Through out this program though, I have begun to see the use of it as a marketing tool for a library or for a business.  I found the following articles the most helpful for me.

Cordell’s article was a great introduction to get people new to Twitter started.  I found it easy and simple to understand and a great step by step tool.  She didn’t get overly detailed and stuck to the point of a simple how to.

Kelly’s blog article on Twitter was a great perspective from a librarian on Twitter and how to use it in your library.  Kelly works at the Palm Beach County Library and used examples of their tweets in his blog entry.  This is a great resource for a library that is just starting out on Twitter.  I really liked his ideas and examples.

Krafty Librarian’s article on how to integrate Twitter into your workflow is another great blog post for librarians and other professionals who want to monitor their account during the day.  It details Hootsuite and Tweetdeck and how to install and use these services to manage the people you follow and your tweets.

While I did not read all of the information on Mashable, I found it helpful it have all that information in one place.  It was well organized and it made for easy location of information.

I found the Hootsuite, Twitter in Plain English, Twitter Search in Plain English, and the Twitter and Tweetdeck set up videos very helpful in explaining these services and how to use them.


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Hootsuite now superior to Tweetdeck by Julie Kline

Kelly, D. A. (July 29, 2009). How your library may not be using twitter but should.

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Twitter Search in Plain English

Twitter and Tweetdeck Setup for you Classroom

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