Social Media and Journalism: A Review of the Literature

This week dealt with a very interesting topic, Social Media and Journalism. Brooks article on how Social Media can be used to help journalists break news gave some interesting insight on how journalist can use Social Media to there advantage.  Very useful for journalists to read. Grenshing-Pophal’s article discussing weather or not Social Media was […]

Privacy and Social Media: A Review of the Literature

Again, just under the wire.  But this class is proving to be a bit of a nightmare.  I’ll have to explain more later. This week, our readings were all about privacy and other people’s perceptions of us online. I found the Fast Company article by Collins a great explanation of the differences between security and […]

Social Media Usage by the Numbers: A Review of the Literature

Got this one reposted here just in time this week.  Hopefully next week I’ll get this posted sooner. This weeks readings were on Social Network usages by individuals and groups. These articles gave me a better understanding of how Social Media is used and by whom. Bercovitz details 20 Social Media monitoring sites or apps.  […]

RSS and Social Bookmarking: A Review of the Literature

Again, I aplogize for the late post.  I was trying to get these out on Wednesdays, but lat week was just ubber crazy.  I felt like Jack O’Neill did in “Window of Oppurunity”, if I didn’t finish that presentation soon I was going to lose it. This week was about Social Bookmarking and RSS, or […]