Two years down, one more to go.  Tomorrow marks the first day of my third and final year of library school.  I’m so ready for this to done with.  I have five classes left to take out of thirteen.

My last required class is Collection Development.  I’ve logged into Blackboard and it looks like all my assignments are group projects.  Now we all know how I feel about those.  My friend Shannon is in this class agian with me.  I think this is our fourth class together, and I enjoyed working with her last semester.  We actually didn’t do too bad on that Research Proposal.  However, the more people in a group, the greater chance of something going wrong.  I guess we’ll have to see how the first week goes.  The second thing I noticed was that the first week of readings goes from Monday to the following Tuesday.  After that, our weeks start on a Wednesday.  I’ve never seen a professor do that before.  I find it odd.  I wonder what the reasoning for it is.

At any rate, I’ve been dreading this class.  I know that it’s a complicated one, just like Research Methods can be.  I’ve heard it’s a lot of work.  Maybe that’s why everything is group work?

My second class is another elective, Social Media in Libraries.  I looked at taking a Humanities reference class, but I was warned by a librarian that the professor teaching it isn’t the best and that she didn’t learn as much as she should have from the woman’s classes, so I decided against it.  Best to head advice from recent graduates of the program when it’s given.  Another class I was looking at was an independant study, but I do all my classes online which is independant enough for me, I don’t want a class that doesn’t have a set structure.  Finally, the Adult Services class seems to have filled up rather quickly.

So that left Social Media.  Social Media is such a big part of our culture now, and it’s growing everyday.  If libraries want to survive they are going to have to incorporate it into their existence.  It can be a great marketing tool and a great way to get your patrons involved.  I did 7 of the 23 things in my Foundations class, but I’m still not familiar with a lot of what Social Media can do.  I’ve never made a youtube video.  Never made a Tweet, in fact I’ve been avoiding Twitter for years and chose not to do that “thing”.  I blog (well, obviosly) and I use Facebook, but what about all those other outlets?  And how do I use them properly?  I’ve never regreted a class I chose to take, and I believe in trusting my insticts.  After all as Master Qui Gon says, “Feel, don’t think.  Use your instincts.”

It can also be said that older librarians, even older student librarians,  are more adverse to using Social Media than their younger counterparts.  As someone that’s under 30 – although with my 27th birthday only a few weeks away, that’s not that far off in the grand scheme of things – shouldn’t I join my peers in jumping on the Social Media bandwagon completley?  Instead of keeping one foot firmly rooting in the 90s?  As someone who’s still a student, this is my chance to learn something that just might give me a leg up in getting hired, after all learning on the job isnt’ always a good thing.  Many big city librarys are even hiring librarians to handle thier Social Media accounts, by learning it now, I just might end up doing that someday!

So here’s to one more semester of classes, and being one step closer to graduation.

6 thoughts on “Here’s To One More Year of School

  1. What will you do when you graduate with your degree? That is exciting that you are now on the homestretch! I am only at the start of my degree, and probably have about 2 years ahead of me. I will certainly be happy when it is done!

    1. I hope to stay in the Tampa Bay Area at one of the dozens of Public Libraries in the neighboring counties. However, I am willing to move for that first job. I can always move back later. I have family in some other states and I’d like to get a job near them if I can, especially if I can’t get one here.

      Is your degree in LIS as well, or something else?

      1. Nutritional Sciences sounds very interesting. Reading teachers are always useful in schools, and work closely with librarians usually. Libraries can be peaceful, and they can be fun places to work.

        I wish you luck in your next degree.

  2. Whoo on finishing a year! The social media course sounds useful and relevant – so many libraries in Sydney are now on Twitter and Facebook, and I had about three librarians try to convince me to get a smartphone or iPad. Or both.

    1. I know so many people with smart phones or iphones. Friends. Coworkers at the dealership. But I’m putting it off until I graduate and get a “real” job. I may or may not get a tablet in the future as well. A coworker was just telling me I needed an ipad. I do hope the Social Media class proves useful. I think it will, so many libraries and librarians are on it now, it will really pay to know how to use it properly. We are going over things I know, like we did in the Instructional Media class I took, but new stuff too. I never used Twitter, never heard of Yelp. I”ll be posting stuff here about it, so be on the lookout.

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