The (Mis)Adventures of the Jedi Librarian

Like all Jedi, I have adventures now and then.

This past August, the Star Wars Convention, Celebration VI, was in Orlando for a second time.  I  made my debut at Celebration V as the Jedi Librarian, even though I had only just applied to USF’s program.  I was sure I was in.  Celebration is  always fun to do.  Right off the bat learned from a reading teacher in line that Hasbro is finally releasing the Jocasta Nu action figure, thanks to millions of fan requests.  The woman even took my picture with her son.  I’ll have to get one when they are released, despite the fact that my reference professor used her as an example as the worst reference librarian in the galaxy.  It would be the perfect thing to put on my future desk!  Sadly, I did not get to meet my fellow Jedi Assembly members, or any of the other friends I made last year (including a Stromtrooper!  What a photo op that would have been!).  Also at the convention, I picked up a poster from one of the publishers’ booths that has Yoda surrounded by a pile of books on one side and a list of all the Star Wars books published by that company on the back, in timeline order.  I made sure to snag an extra for the New Port Richey Library.  And I got my picture taken in front of the promotional poster for a new book.

Speaking of the New Port Richey Library, I  wore my “Jedi robes” to the toddler Halloween party at the library again this year.  I was such a hit last year, I just had to do it again (although someone asked last year if I was an Egyptian Princess…).    I had a lot of fun with the Younglings, singing songs and Trick or Treatign in City Hall.

This year, October 6th was Star Wars Reads Day at the Holiday Branch of the Pasco County Library System, unfortunately  I was unable to attend as my niece was getting married that day.  Even a Jedi can not be in New Jersey and Florida at the same time.  I hope to try and plan to have Star Wars Reads day at the NPR library next year.  I will be doing fieldwork then, hopefully at that library, so it’s a possibility.  If not, I’m sure the Youth Librarian and I can work together to plan it regardless if I am doing my fieldwork there or not.

Lastly, it has been my plan for about a year now to take UNC’s Summer Seminar in London in May of 2013.  I first heard about the program my first semester back in the Spring of 2011, but it was after the deadline to apply.  I tried for this year, but was unable to get the money together  and convince my family that I would be completely safe in Bloomsbury, after all what kind of trouble can a bunch of librarians and student librarians get into, right?  I finally get the money together and am ready to sign up when I discover that the credit for the class might not transfer in time for me to graduate in December.  It seems it takes an awful long while for transfer credit to show up on your transcripts, and it as to be on you transcripts a full semester before you can graduate.  So going abroad the semester before I graduate could be an issue.  I met with the Study Abroad office last Tuesday.  According to them, it’s doable.  The prblem with transfer credit arises when someone is enrolled in a foreign instutution, and I will be enrolled in UNC, not UC.  My department still has to approve it though.  I’m still waiting to hear if they will.  They might decide it doesn’t fit their requirements for a 3 credit course.  I guess I’ll have to wait and see if this is an adventure I get to have.


10 thoughts on “The (Mis)Adventures of the Jedi Librarian

    • Thank you! If it doesn’t work out to do it for credit, then I will do it as a professional after I graduate and use it for continuing education. It is open to all professionals and students.

    • I’m still not sure the department is going to approve it. And I went to the study abroad website to apply for a non-approved program, and Summer was not a semester I could apply for. I e-mailed the study abroad guy I talked to and Daniel Kahl at the department, but haven’t heard back. When are you done? I’ve been looking for someone to go with. Perhaps we can go as professionals together if not students.

      • Sorry it took me so long to reply back to you. I won’t be done until May 2015. I’m only taking one class a semester and sometimes it seems to be taking FOREVER! I’d love to go, but it might be a bit difficult for me to swing with my job. How long is it for?

      • Two weeks. But it looks like I won’t be doing it. Getting it approved has been difficult. If the right person doesn’t sign off on it, I don’t get the credit. I have a bad feeling about it. My Jedi seses are telling me it’s not a good idea. So I think I’ll just stick with a class at USF.

        2015, oh my! Are you allowed to take that long? I thouhgt you had to finish in 5 years. What are you taking this semester?

  1. I’m sorry to hear London isn’t working out. I will be finishing in 4 1/2 years (just under the 5 year mark!). I started January of 2011 and will graduate in May 2015 if all goes well (I take 3 classes each year – spring, summer, and fall)! And guess what?!! I was just reading your latest post, and we are both taking Collection Development this semester! I am actually looking forward to it. I am interested to hear how you end up liking the Social Media class. That’s an elective I think I might be interested in. Collection Development is my last core class, so it will be all electives from here. I took Libraries and Museums as Cultural Institutions over the summer with McCook and LOVED it!

    • We started the program together. I only took one class that semester, but then I took 2 in the fall and every spring and fall semester since. This past summer was the first summer class I’ve taken since freshman year of college, I tried to take Speech over the summer then and regretted it so I haven’t taken anything in the summer since! Maybe we are in the same section of CD! It’s my last core class too. I took McCook’s Seminar in Public Libraries last semester, she is a good professor. Very knowledgeable. I think the Social Media class is one of those topics in LIS classes, there are several different sections of it, but each is a different topic.

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