JING as Tutorials in Libraries

This is the second to last topic I have to post here from my Instructional Media class. 

JING is a free downloadable software available through Techsmith.  It allows the user to take a screen capture of what is on their screen or a video of of it, called a screencast. By combining your voice reciting institutions and your actions on your actions on the screen, you make the video.  This makes it ideal to make instructional videos to help people learn how to do something by showing them.

These videos could be used to show patrons how to search the catalog, use a database (like I did my video on), sign up for social media, how to look for or download e-books (as some classmates did), how to search ancestry.com, properly cite something in MLA or APA format, or use other software in the library.  I think it’s another one of those things that has a lot of possibilities.  Instructional videos always have an audience. 

Because you can immediately store the captures and videos on Techsmith’s website, screencast.com, you can imbed them anywhere, including IM chat’s with patrons.  A url is given on the site to imbed in blogs or e-mail.  This also means that frequently asked things don’t have to be redone and or stored on your own computer taking up space.  I think the website is a great advantage of this software that gives it a leg up on any potential competition. 

A disadvantage is diffidently the size.  Smaller videos work best, but then you can’t fit everything you need to show in that area.  That was the problem I had with the 600×600 size.  I need something a little wider to fit the search boxes and database lists in the video without cutting anything off.  This makes the files bigger and hard to upload to Google sites.

I think this software could benefit a lot of people.  I’ve had times where I want to capture what is on my screen to show another person, and am unable too.  Now I can with a few clicks.  This will definitely  benefit libraries, especially school media centers where a lot of education takes place.  It’s such an easy way to show children and adults how to use the services the library/media center provides.  Everyone who is helped by a JING video benefits in some way.


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