Decicious Vs. Diigo: Battle of the Social Bookmarking Sites

For my Preparing Iinstructional Media class last semester, I had to compare the social bookmarking sites, Delicious and Diigo.  The following is my evaluation of each.

Delicious is a social media site that allows the user to bookmark and endless amount of sites that can be accessed from any computer in the world.  This means that instead of saving the sites on your computer, they are saved in cyberspace similar to the “cloud”.  All saved sites are tagged so that they can be easily organized and found later.  You can share your delicious bookmarks with friends, coworkers, or family and follow your friend’s bookmarks as well.  You can even share accounts.

I’ve been using delicious since I first learned about it in my Foundations of Library Science class.  My professor, Dr. Stephanie Race, had an account where she stored sites for her students.  Some of these were news articles and others took us to articles in the databases.  This was very helpful because we could always find the links in her account.  During our 23 things assignment, I tried Delicious out and have been slowly starting to use it myself.  First, I was using it only for school things, but since my last laptop decided it no longer wants to turn on, I’ve been bookmarking more items that I would normally bookmark on my computer just as a precaution.

I really like that all you have to do is copy a site’s url, go to delicious, log in, click add link, and then paste the link.  I think it’s really simple and easy to use.  The tags really help you organize your saved material into categories to make it easier to find later.  I even friended Dr. Race’s account so I can always go back to it.  For those that want, there is an add on for your toolbar that will automatically save the site in Delicious, but it also saves it to your bookmarks toolbar, which I found annoying.  I thought it cluttered the toolbar up, and why save the site on my computer if the point is to save it elswhere?

I don’t think I’d ever heard of Diigo until this assignment.  It seems to do the same thing as Delicious, and more.  While bookmarks a site with tags just like Delicious, it also has a highlight,sticky note, and share functions.  The share function is for shareing on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and by e-mail.  It looks as if the highlight function allows you to highlight certain text on a page that you find important, instead of printing it and highlighting it.  The sticky note function appears to be a virtual sticky note that you can attach to a page.  I haven’t tried these functions yet.  Both seem like they would be helpful.  Diigo also has a toolbar add on called a diigolet.  This seems to be the only way to save things to Diigo since I did not see an add button on the Diigo site.

I think they both have the same benefit, to access links from any location and to share them with those that might also need or be interested in them.  The also have the same advantage of being an easy way to save something without using space on your computer and having to worry about loosing them.  Since you can access them anywhere by loging in to to your account, this means you don’t need to be on your computer, an advantage and benefit for students that bookmark something while on a library or lab computer and then go back to their dorm room to write their paper.  The highlight and sticky note functions of Diigo might be better suited for research and/or teaching because you can highlight the important information you want to remember and makes notes for later.  This gives Diigo an advantage over Delicious.  A disadvantage might be remember your darn log in information.  Every site seems to have different password requirements and it can be hard to remember which password and username goes with what website.  I find I have to write them all down in a list, especially with our net ID passwords having to be changed about every six months.  If you can’t remember your information, you could be stuck. Another problem could be if multiple users on an account bookmark the same thing with different tags.  This could make the account cluttered.  There is no way to tell if a site has been bookmarked already when putting it in either Delicious or Diigo.  That function would help put either site above the other.

I plan on trying out Diigo’s other functions in the future.

My Delicious account can be viewed here.  Please excuse the non LIS related links.

My Diigo account/library can be viewed here.


5 thoughts on “Decicious Vs. Diigo: Battle of the Social Bookmarking Sites

  1. I had to make a Diigo account today for my Grad program and had never used it before, nor had I used Delicious. It seems like an interesting tool and I look forward to learning more about how I can utilize it for journalism.

    • On anothert note, I remember a classmate trying the highlight and sticky not options and saying there were issues with them. Like the highlighting not staying when then accessed the links at a later date. I don’t know if it was a bug or not. Just thougth I’d give you a heads up.

  2. Well, hopefully this was able to help you a little then. My class seemed to prefer Delicious overwhelmingly. I think it has a better look overall. And I think it is quite useful to store bookmarks you might not need right away and won’t be using everyday. Of course, those can also be stored in a bookmarkng site, I learned my lesson when my old laptop went and I lost a lot of bookmarks. You’ll have to let me know which one you prefer.

    My next post will be about JING, a free software that allows you to screencap and screencast what is on your computer screen. Might be useful to you too.

  3. Things I haven’t played with in a while. Oy!! I need to get back into the media groove. I remember working with Delicious in grad school and then promptly forgetting about it after. This is good motivation

    • I’m in charge of my branch’s Facebook page, and we just started a Social Media Crew to get the libraries out there more. I signed us up for Twitter and have been putting stuff on my branch’s boards for the Pinterest page. But I still do use Delicious for personal and professional things I want to save.

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